What Light Black Design Can Offer

Light Black Design is an innovative design office, with the capabilities of being able to fully engineer parts & assemblies through all stages of the of the project from conceptual schemes through to 3D CAD & FEA, right through to the production tools and parts.

Throughout all these stages of the projects we will be drawing on the extensive experience gained from being in key positions at some of the most innovative automotive design offices, such as McLaren, Red Bull F1 and Gordon Murray Design.

This is combined with a deep understanding of all levels within the Design & Engineering businesses to produce end products that are optimised in all areas from cost & weight, to Part Production & Tooling routes.



• Project and Data Management

• Material and Process selections

• Initial Concepts and Calculations

• 3D CAD & FEA studies

• Part and Assembly design, in metal or composite materials

• Reverse Engineering of parts

• Tooling specification, design and manufacture

• Rapid prototyping

• Manufacture of Prototype and Production parts

• Specification and Design of Production line

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